Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauty in Chaos

I take pictures. Lots of pictures. But sometimes, I get so focused on what I see behind the camera, that I forget to see what is in front of the camera. I get so focused on making things look pretty in my lens, that I miss the day to day moments. I miss my boy riding his sister’s pink tricycle across the front yard and into the ditch just cause it seems like the thing to do. I miss my girl getting out her plastic rake, and raking the front yard because she thinks it’s fun. I miss my boy dragging his wagon through his sister’s leaf pile, because, well, after all, he is a boy, and antagonizing his sister is part of his daily routine. Sometimes, I get so distracted because of the things that I need to do, that I miss the magic of every day moments.  I miss hearing the giggles of two little boys, who are supposed to be napping, but who’ve figured out a fun game to play instead.
And honestly, there are days that I want to miss it. There are days that I want to be somewhere else. There are days that I just want everything to be in its place, and I want it to stay there. But I know that when things are pretty, there won’t be baby giggles anymore. There won’t be plastic shovels everywhere. Or dolls, or trains, or cars. I won’t find bath toys waiting for me in the shower, because a little boy thought that I needed them.  There will be a time that I’ll have quiet. And uninterrupted moments. But now is not that time. And that’s ok. But for now, I’ll try to enjoy the beautiful chaos God has given.