Friday, December 6, 2013

Just Wait

Just wait, Mama.

You hear it a lot.

“Just wait.” 

“Just wait till they get bigger. It gets worse.” 

Not very encouraging to a first time mama, who doesn’t know what to expect, or who doesn’t have someone nearby to help. Not overly encouraging to a mom with 4 kids ages 5 and under, with one on the way. Not encouraging to a mom whose children are on the brink of teenager-dom, and who is starting to deal with the emotions that come along with that. 

Yes, Mama, just wait. 

Just wait until your baby smiles and giggles at you for the first time. 

Just wait until they say, “Mama, I love you” at just the right moment.

Just wait until they want to wear an outfit because they’ve seen you wear something similar.

Just wait until they explain the Gospel to you, and they understand it, not because it’s being parroted back, but because it’s something they truly believe. 

Just wait, Mama, just wait. 

It gets better.